Blockchain & Smart Contracts Demystified

Overview of Blockchain

Blockchain — It Is Different From Your Bank’s Database

Blockchain — Reducing the Cost of Conducting Transactions

Blockchain — The Inner Sanctum

Cryptography — Public & Private Key Cryptography

Decentralized Network — The Key to Non-Repudiation

Mining — Incentive for Verifying Transactions

Mining — Process Explained

Types of Blockchain

What is Blockchain good for?

Global System of Record

Information Registry

Digital Identity

Distributed Ledgers

Smart Contracts

pragma solidity ^0.4.0;contract Register {
address creator;
uint256 myNumber;
bytes32 name;
modifier onlyowner() {
if (msg.sender == creator) {
event ValueChanged(address indexed user, uint256 indexed oldNumber, uint256 indexed newNumber); function Register(bytes32 _name, uint256 _seed) public {
creator = msg.sender;
name = _name;
myNumber = _seed;
function getCreator() public constant returns (address) {
return creator;
function getName () public constant returns(bytes32) {
return name;
function getMyNumber() public constant returns(uint256) {
return myNumber;
function setMyNumber(uint256 myNewNumber) public onlyowner {
myNumber = myNewNumber;
ValueChanged(msg.sender, myNumber, myNewNumber);
function kill() public {
if (msg.sender == creator) {



Decentralized Applications

Lifecycle of a Transaction in a Decentralized Application

Advantages of Decentralized Applications


Barriers to Adoption

Emerging Services Disrupting the Status Quo by using Blockchain


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